Assetto Corsa Competizione

Starts - Friday - 17/11/2020


Ever wanted a bit more depth in league racing? Ever wanted to be part of a team, but don't have one? Or maybe you struggle to join all races in leagues? This answers all your needs.

You can roleplay. You'll share strategies. You discuss tactics and attendance. Will you take unloved Honda and drive it to glory, powerful Porsche or popular Aston? Choose bold, cause in Transfer Window you'll have an opportunity to switch ships... if you convince both teams not to VETO! Talks fail? Then go freely to any underrepresented team or accept your fate for the rest of the season.

Afraid you can attend only 7/10 weeks? You're still presenting huge value for your team! Afraid you're too slow to count in Constructor Standings? Fight for Drivers Standings then! Besides, alien from your team might crash, disconnect or not show up - so you're ALWAYS valuable to your team!

FAQ I'm slow. I won't ever be top 2 in my team so I'll never count in Constructors standings. / I can only race 7/10 events - Faster drivers can crash, disconnect or even not show up in some of 10 events. It's total of 20 races, anything can happen. Slow drivers are effectively on-track reserve drivers. If your faster collegues know you're on track, they'll be encouraged to push harder - if they'll fail, you're still be there providing points. AND you're still fighting individually in Drivers Standings.

I want to leave Ferrari, but they VETO. What now? You can stay or join underrepresented Constructor - your team can't VETO that.

What's an underrepresented Constructor? A Constructor with spare slots (see Key rules). For example if we have 29 drivers and only 2 drive Honda, you can freely join Honda, as there's max 3 drivers limit.