Starts Saturday - 25/07/2020 - 9:30pm BST


We'll be hitting the track for our next Assetto Corsa Competizione league on Saturday July 25th. If that wasn't exciting enough, we'll be in new territory as we get behind the wheel of the brand new GT4* class cars! This means a little less aero, a little less power, but a whole lot of close door-to-door racing!

Our last ACC leagues have been hugely popular and filled up near instantly, so we are expanding our capacity this time, by running multiple tiers of the same league. You'll be grouped with drivers of a similar pace, so you should experience more close racing action and fewer blue flags, whatever your skill level.

The number of tiers will be decided based on the number of sign-ups we get, but we hope to be able to accommodate a large number of racers! We'll be running a dedicated hotstint server to sort you into groups before the league itself starts.

Hotstint Tracker:


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