RWB's first league in ACC was such a success that we've decided to ride the wave and follow it up with a second!
 As our servers were full to capacity last time out, we came up with a plan to give more people an opportunity to join and with it, add a bit of spice!

 There are spots for 25 individual driver and 25 teams of two, so a total of 75 spots up for grabs!
  If you decide to join as a team, it's entirely up to you how you divide up the driving responsibilities.. If you want to alternate it each week.. fine.. 

 If you want to employ driver swaps.. fine.. Just make sure you let race organisers know your plans by Friday 6pm the day before the race! 

 Each race will take place at a time of day that progresses as we go on. So Barcelona will start in the dark early hours, moving through the dawn to morning daylight, how will the sunrise and increasing temperatures play a part in your race?
 Brands Hatch, Zolder and Zandvoort will be in full daylight, but perhaps considering their geographical location, weather might come into  the frame..

 Laguna Seca will be the opposite of the first race, starting near dusk and moving into night time.. once again, presenting you with changing temperatures, set your pressures wisely!
 Lastly, Nurburgring at night. We're all pretty adept at this track, we wouldn't want to make it easy now would we?

Race Parameters



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