In this exciting, non-league series, every week we'll race a mystery track in two back-to-back, multi-class sprint races. It'll be a PQRQR format. You'll have to prove yourself in a one-shot style qualification sessions, with extra +5 points boost for pole-sitter. Combined scoring from both Q/R sessions will determine The Master of the Day. Well, actually two Masters - GT3 and GT4.

Repeats every Tuesday on different tracks.
No booking. Arrive & drive.
Free car choice every week.

Every Tuesday (starting 25 Aug):
Practice 20min / 7:40pm BST
Q1 5min / 8:00pm BST
R1 30min / after Q1
Q2 5min / after R1
R2 30min / after Q2

Combined results to be posted shortly after the races. The Masters of the Day to be cheered and admired on all RWB channels until next Tuesday, using poetic language and gifs.

P.S. Drivers who joined then left when realized its a track they don't like will be named, shamed and laughed at for 3 days. After that, for the next 3 days they'll be positively encouraged by others to join next time and race, regardless of what's the mystery track, cause we're all in it together to push ourselves, support each other and maybe suprise ourselves now and then. GO RACE.