AMSU and RWB present Box Box Box-ing Day

Join 2 of the Reiza's biggest fan groups and enjoy their first festive event.
RWB Discord:
AMSU Discord:
Here are the details:
2 grids of 28 cars, 56 in total.
GT3 Merc, Porsche and Mclaren, plus new GT3 cars when added.
Imola Sat 26th December 8.30pm P start, Q starts at 9.30pm and race is 9.45pm GMT 
60 mins P
15 mins Q
45 mins R
We will have two dedicated servers running on the evening and all are welcome.
No sign up necessary as this is fun race, password will be given out on AMSU and RWB Discord prior to the event.
Race settings, weather and time of day will be announced.
See you on track!