Saturday - 18/07/2020 - 9:30pm BST


The release of AMS 2 V1.0 has seen a progression of the sim that many of us expected and it is fast developing into a stable platform upon which we can start to host proper races..

With this in mind.. and coming off the back of some successful open lobby nights, it's time to test the waters up to our ankles and see if we can make a success of a partially fledged race event!

It will also serve as a novel distraction from the non-stop ACC practice and racing you've all been involved in.. We're sure a short interlude between an endurance race and a league will be more than welcome!

ACC's GT4's have now been announced for release on the 15th, so this would seem like a perfect filler while you work out which car you like best!

We'll keep the race simple.. No thunderstorms and darkness quite yet! A 32 lap race around Jerez (With Chicane) in the spanking new Ginettas.

• 9.30pm Start
• 15 mins Qualifying
• Tuning On
• Compulsory Pit stop, all tyres to be changed
• Visual Damage only

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