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Constructors Championship Season 3

Season 3 Starts 4th May / Tuesdays ➤ Q start ~ 8:45pm BST ➤ 6 rounds, 12 races (no transfer window) ➤ P45min / Q20min / R35min / R35min ➤ unlimited tyres, pit window 20min, fuel mandatory ➤ Q session: 10mins for GT3 only, then 10mins for GT4 only

Series Parameters
Class: GT3,GT4Registered: 40/48
Vehicle Limits: YesMax of each vehicle: 4
Pit Rules: Mandatory - FuelDamage: Full Damage
Assists: Assists Allowed
Series Rules & Regulations
1. Teams - 6x8 Driver Teams (4x GT4 + 4x GT3) (see #📣tcc-team-principals ) 2. Points - Top 3 Drivers for each Constructor, from each race, from each class, count towards Constructors Standings - BONUS 50 points to Constructor for each Race in which all Constructor Drivers are penalty-free. - One Drivers Standings Table for both classes (finishing race 20th overall but 1st in GT4 class will give you points as for 1st place) 3. Penalties - All penalties count towards Constructors Standings. - Top 3 Drivers BEFORE penalties are counted, then ALL Drivers penalties are subtracted. 4. Extra Penalties - After 30 penalty points (2x lap 1 collision or 3x race collision for example): Q ban next round - After 50 penalty points: R ban next round 5. Boosted Rounds / Team Principals - For Team Principals details, check #📣tcc-team-principals - Boosted Round. All of your team's points count double. All penalties count double too. One Round per Season. Team Principals choice. 6. Participation - No show + no sign out = -100pts for the Constructor - No show + sign out allowed x2 per driver without any consequences - 3rd sign out = championship sign out
SimEventTrackIn-game Time & WeatherServer OpensPQR1R2Time until
Round 1Barcelona17:0020°CTue 4th May, 20:00 BST45m20m35m35m
d h m
Round 2Barcelona17:0020°CTue 11th May, 20:00 BST45m20m35m35m
d h m
Round 3Barcelona17:0020°CTue 18th May, 20:00 BST45m20m35m35m
d h m
Round 4Barcelona17:0020°CTue 25th May, 20:00 BST45m20m35m35m
d h m
Round 5Barcelona17:0020°CTue 1st Jun, 20:00 BST45m20m35m35m
d h m
Round 6Barcelona17:0020°CTue 8th Jun, 20:00 BST45m20m35m35m
d h m

Any ambient temps shown are not the expected ambient temp during the race, but the average ambient temperature of the entire race weekend, likewise, weather may vary.