RWB Daytona Dreams Forget spending time with your family. Forget stuffing your face with BBQ whilst the night sky is filled with popping and fizzing fireworks. Take your patriotism to the next level this 4th of July by taking one of 5 classic motorsport machines round Daytona for a 2 hour extravaganza you're not likely to forget.

Sporting machinery from two classes, Group Cs and, the very american, GTO Classics! 2 hours of Daytona Road course is the perfect side order to your usual super sized 4th of July celebration.

This is a multi-class race with limited sign ups for both classes.  

  • Sim : Race Room Racing Experience
  • Server Name : RWB Daytona Dreams
  • Date and Time : 04/07/20 21:30 UK BST
  • Format : 20 Mins Qualy 10 Mins Warmup (Break) 2 Hour Race
  • Total Time 2 Hours 30 Mins
  • Realism : Tyre Degradation 1x Fuel Use 1x Full Damage, including suspension and flat spotting. Assists are allowed, factory is encouraged.

MultiClass : GTO Classics 20 Slots
  • Audi 90 Quattro Ford Mustang IMSA GTO
  • Nissan Fairlady 300 ZX Z32 85KG Ballast

Group C 16 Slots
  • Porsche 962 C
  • Nissan R90CK

Track Selection :
  • Daytona International SpeedWay Road Course

Sign-up is now CLOSED


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