Welcome to RWB's GT3 Competizione
5 weeks of intense action racing across the globe.
Please find all the detailed league info below.

Starts - 28/03/2020 @ 21:30 GMT

Car Selection
You are free to choose whichever GT3 car you desire. There are no restrictions on how many of each car is allowed in the league. Once you have made your choice you cannot change car after race 1. Where possible, we’d like each driver to run it’s own unique livery, however we are aware that not all cars have a large variety of liveries to select from. Note: In-game liveries and custom liveries are allowed, try and be unique! It will make it alot easier for the Stream Team to identify specific drivers!


Important Info To make the most of the dynamic weather system in ACC, race 4 and 5 will have a chance of rain. We are still in the testing period of ACC, how much and how long the rain last is up the the Gods.

Race Parameters Damage - On

It is required for you to join our discord server, in order to participate.


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