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Welcome to RWB International

RWB stands for "Racers Without Borders" and we were founded in 2007 by a small group meeting online in sims, they became real life friends, it turned into a social place to race and chat. 

We are a UK based club with our own dedicated hardware in multiple locations covering all time zones. Over the past few years we have expanded to racers all over the globe and have over 2500 members.


We run regular sprint races / endurance and leagues, but also join up with other clubs for cross club races.

Our current sims ACC/AMS2/R3E are raced most evenings GMT/BST, please see Events, not all events are planned so jump on Discord for any random races.

We try and cater for all sims but also a lot of members play other types of games when not racing, FPS are popular.

RWB Rating

Welcome to RWB's Driver performance rating!
Performance rating is based on a custom ELO system, it records your race participation / position in races that you have signed up to and attended on the website, this includes ACCAMS2 and Raceroom combined to calculate your overall performance, if you have not raced on a registered race you will be unrated until you complete your first race.
This gives you a visual rating with your performance stats to see how you can improve and also some bragging rights ;-)

Check out the Driver Ratings
Rating goes from Unrated to Bronze - 1/2/3 - Silver - 1/2/3 - Gold - 1/2/3 - Platinum - 1/2/3 and the alien 'Platinum +' , this is very hard to achieve,  good luck!
This is a custom RWB rating system but should reflect your real world performance after you have accrued enough races to average out, we have used data on previous races in 2021 to create the system, so some racers who have raced with us longer will be more accurate, you can check your rating and stats on your profile.

Club Ethos

Drivers of all skill levels and experience are welcome, all we ask is that you're a competent and fair driver, 16 or over (under 16 with parental consent) and follow our driving standards. We pride ourselves on being as inclusive to as many types of drivers as possible.

You do not have to be a member to race with us but we do encourage engaging in the community, it promotes better friendships and race craft on track.

To race with RWB in League / Endurance events you must be on Discord and Voice chat, you do not have to speak but you will need to listen for race control, there is very little chat in races other than needed, voice chat before a race and after though does help to get to know your fellow racers, we encourage it!


RWB is non profit, we do what we do for the community and the love of racing, any donations go towards servers, donating to charity and helping out less fortunate people who like to race, we will never ask for money to race with us, even without donations we would keep it going as it's our hobby, if you enjoy racing with us then feel free to donate, thankyou.

Hope to see you on track soon... Oh and on Discord!

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