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Welcome to RWB International

RWB stands for "Racers Without Borders" and was founded in 2007 by a small group of racers who then became real life friends, it became a social place to race and chat.

RWB International is a UK based club with our own dedicated server hardware. Over the past few years we have expanded to racers all over the world.


We run regular club races and leagues, but also join up with other clubs too, both for special one-off events and full leagues/Endurance.

We race all the current sims ACC/RF2/AMS2/R3E/DR2 and can be found racing most evenings (GMT) in one form or another, with more organised events as per below:

We try and cater for all sims but also a lot of members play other types of games when not racing.

Club Ethos

Drivers of all skill levels and experience are welcome and all we ask is that you're a competent and fair driver, 16 or over and follow our driving standards. We pride ourselves on being as inclusive to as many types of drivers as possible.

To become a full member and avail of exclusive races, extra channels, the option to join the team, get exclusive discounts from our sponsors, support, promote the club and become part of RWB, you can apply on Discord, your application will be reviewed by all involved.

You do not have to be a member to race with us but we do encourage engaging in the community, it promotes better racing and race craft on track.

Anyone that wears the RWB tag is expected to carry the club ethos and rules with them, whether it be public or any other races, you will be representing the club.

To race with RWB in events you must be on Discord and Voice chat, you don't have to speak but you will need to listen for race control, there is very little chat in races other than needed, voice chat before a race and after though does help to get to know your fellow racers, we encourage it!

Hope to see you on track soon... Oh and on Discord!

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