Driving Standards

RWB promotes competitive but above all, fair racing.
Anyone driving with RWB is expected to follow these driving standards. 

Track Limits

In general terms, cars should always have 2 wheels on the track side of the white line or otherwise edge of the track. Follow this one principle and you're all good.

On the most part we will try to let the sim handle things with any in-built penalty system but expect drivers to still follow the 2 wheels on rule regardless of whether an in-game penalty system detects a cut or not for any particular corner (or is switched off). Cuts include both driving over apexes and extending outside the track on corner exit.

Drivers must make every reasonable effort to use the track at all times and must not deliberately leave the track or be stationary without a justifiable reason.


Motor racing isn't a contact sport but it's inevitable there will be some. What you do when an incident occurs makes a difference.

Giving a place back when you know you've hit someone or forced them off track is encouraged and promotes fair play. This will probably be taken into consideration when reviewing league incidents and generally helps keep tempers down. You should also apologise for contact that is your fault.

Often during a race it can be unclear who is at fault and you need to see replays to really see what happened so if you think it was their fault and they think it wasn't, please leave "debates" until after the race and let an admin or race official know and we'll take a look at it.

Whatever happens, stick it out till the end. Rage quitting is frowned upon.

Passing Ettiquette

More than any other area, this causes the most issues.

Defending Position

More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. If a driver has moved off the racing line while defending their position, they may move back to the racing line but must ensure there is at least one car's width between their own car and the edge of the track. Plus of course not hit the other car if it's in the way.

Changing track position within the braking zone is an illegal move and making a move that puts you in front of another player that is close just before the braking zone (ie pull across then slam on your brakes a moment later) will be your fault if the guy behind goes into the back of you.

During Qualy

Anyone on an out lap must let people on a flying lap past without impeding them or getting on their racing line.

Try to leave enough room in front of you for your flying lap. If you catch someone up also on their flying lap they are not expected to get out your way as you are faster in fact if you damage their lap trying to pass you are at fault. Either find a place to pass without impediment or back off and try again.

If some tries to leave a decent gap and keeps catching you up several times in a row, it might be nice to let them past though ;)


If a driver is being lapped by another car, a "blue flag" will be considered to have been issued if the lapping car is within 2 seconds of car being lapped. At this point, the car being lapped has 3 corners or when it's safe, to allow the lapping car through. The car being lapped must either move off the racing line or slow their car in a fashion which is predictable for the lapping car to pass. The lapping car must oblige by regular passing standards when passing.

The lapping car is allowed to flash their lights or otherwise get the other drivers attention if they do not facilitate the pass in time.

Close Quarters Cornering

By this we mean when you are side by side with another driver coming into a corner. We do not follow the often quoted F1 rules where if one car is slightly in front they get the racing line. If you are even slightly side by side then you are expected to stay in lane around the corner or yield. Turning in on someone who has out braked you into a corner is your fault. Similarly, extending coming out a corner with someone on your outside is again your fault.

A special case worth noting is dive bombing. If you were not beside another car by the time it is committed to the corner and is turning in, managing to squeeze your car in just before the apex is dive bombing and the driver doing it is at fault. The same is true for extension out a corner (don't fly in on the outside when they are committed and need the full track to exit).


Accidents will happen so when they do please.....

- if you spin/crash off, re-enter the track safely. This may well mean waiting for cars to pass.

- do NOT reset your car for any reason other than being on your roof or otherwise stuck; and even then you must be SURE no-one is nearby (your car will NOT be ghosted in event races).

- if you come up to a crash, slow down appropriately. Smashing into a crashed car is your fault if you could have avoided it but tried to power past at full speed. Please also try to leave cars re-entering the track space to do so if you can.



Un-sportsmanship warnings are given to drivers or members of the community who have displayed rude, aggressive or offensive behaviour to fellow members of the community.

If you disagree during a race on who was at fault - LEAVE IT UNTIL AFTER THE RACE - oh and check the replay first or risk making a fool of yourself. In addition if you do go off on one, we will not investigate the incident on your behalf and not take action against the other driver.

If a member of RWB or Discord has been abused or bullied by another member, they may raise the issue with an Administrator who will take appropriate actions. These actions may include applying any sanctions the Administrator believes appropriate. If the Administrator believes that the offending member should be removed from RWB, then the motion to remove the member must pass the majority approval of the other admins.

All in just please show other drivers respect!

League Penalties

RWB Admins and Live Race Stewards may give out penalties where club driving standards are not followed. They have complete discretion as to what these are but will normally be in the form of time, point or place penalties, including ones applied in subsequent races in the league following the one the penalty was received in.

Using Assists

By this we mean ABS, TC and SC. RWB likes to be as inclusive as possible so allow use of these assists in all our races if it helps you. This includes for cars that otherwise don't get them. They are there to help people stay on track through having less experience or trouble driving without them and not to win races. If you are regularly coming in the top 5 in races please don't use them on cars that don't get them where it gives you an advantage over others at your level that don't. If it's found that it's become essential to use them to compete at the front this policy will be reviewed. 

RWB Public Lobbies

In our public lobbies we are all ambassadors for the club. The rules above should be followed by you towards non-club players who are otherwise behaving themselves on track.

We discourage revenge attacks on anyone and prefer you tell the person what they have done after the race. If the person continues to be a problem they will be kicked off the server. We understand that sometimes other drivers are so out of order it is frustrating but notify an Admin or Steward and they will be dealt with accordingly. 

Any actively malicious drivers you meet, please take a note of their steam ID then we can add them to our blacklist.

RWB Admins will always investigate reports and act on them but please try and record any incidents to help them make a decision. 


Headlights are on the car for one reason - to help let others know you are there when they otherwise might not know you are. They are NOT there to distract other drivers.

Day time races - ALWAYS OFF.

Night time races - ALWAYS ON.

Flashing or otherwise turning lights on or off when they shouldn't be is not allowed at RWB and we don't care if the "pro's" do it. It's bad sportsmanship.

The only time flashing lights is acceptable is to draw attention to another driver you are there such as when lapping and they have not gotten out the way in time.


Any behaviour that is deemed unfit for the club - be that via voice or chat or on track behaviour, may lead to a warning. 3 warnings will mean an instant 1 month ban from the club (including Discord and all RWB servers).

After that any further warning will be an instant one month ban with the 3rd ban being permanent.

Decisions will be by majority admin vote and not all admins need be involved. A single admin may take action pending review by other admins if they deem it necessary.

Please note this misconduct is not in relation to incident penalties which are dealt with separately. Misconduct is about behaviour, not poor driving.

Direct Abuse

Any instances of abuse will result in the following. This is regardless of comms being left open by accident or not. It's your responsibility to manage your comms.

RWB Members - instant formal warning.

Non Member - instant 1 week ban from Discord and all RWB races.

Discord voice chat is encouraged, it is also a place to relax when not racing, on race nights it is race comms only.