This event / series is now finished

AMS 2 Sundays 13 06 21

Bla Bla Bla GT Cars again.. Bla Bla.. Hate Laguna.. Bla Bla Bla.... TRY IT!!! For those of you who have the US DLC, you can have a play with the GTE's.. For those of you that haven't, GT3's... and a track you won't have to buy!
See discord for more information

Additional Info, Rules and Regulations
  • Server Name: RWB Events

  • Server start: 20:15 BST

  • In-game time: Practice: 11am Qualy: 12pm Race: 1pm

  • Weather: Clear

  • Practice: 60mins

  • Qualifying: 15mins

  • Race: 30 Mins

  • Damage: Visual Only

  • Tyre Wear: ON

  • Fuel Use: ON

SimEventTrackIn-game Time & WeatherServer OpensPracticeQualifyRaceTime until
Round 1Laguna Seca13:00☀️Sunday 13th June
21:15 BST (20:15 UTC)

Any ambient temps shown are not the expected ambient temp during the race, but the average ambient temperature of the entire race weekend, likewise, weather may vary.

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