Big Grid Suzuka - New Server Test
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Big Grid Suzuka - New Server Test  (Drivers: 87)Ranked

Suzuka Server Stress test 105 racers Multiclass. RWB will have a new server that needs a good burn in, built by our community! Come and break it, we dare you!!! Sign ups open for 150, first come first served, all cars available including GT3/GT4, no restrictions. P 8pm BST Q 9pm BST R1 9.30pm BST R2 10.00pm BST YouTube: Link Pitwall Live: Link
Sign ups closed on Wed 15th Sep, 21:30 BST

Additional Info, Rules and Regulations

Let's break it!!!

Server opens 8pm BST 60 mins Practice

Q starts at 9pm BST 30 Min Qualy

Race starts 9.30pm BST

2 x 30min races.

Full formation lap with safety car lead, safety car will peel off before the end of the formation lap.

Safety car will be a yellow Porsche GT4 No1 that will start from the back and drive through the pits to lead the formation lap, no car must leave the grid until the safety car is in front and instructed to do so by the safety car driver, safety car will maintain 100kph/60mph.

You will need to be on voice chat to hear instruction and director call outs, no open chat.

No mandatory pitstop, no tyre limit.

All that is required is clean racing!

SimEventTrackIn-game Time & WeatherServer / Session Start InfoDurationTime until
ACCRound 1Suzuka 2019VariableWednesday 15th September
Practice Starts: 20:00 BST (19:00 UTC)
Qualifying Starts: 21:00 BST (20:00 UTC)
Race 1 Starts: 21:30 BST (20:30 UTC)
Race 2 Starts: 22:00 BST (21:00 UTC)


Any ambient temps shown are not the expected ambient temp during the race, but the average ambient temperature of the entire race weekend, likewise, weather may vary.

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