Orientation Night
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Orientation Night  (Drivers: 2)Ranked

With the aim of providing you some help and guidance with all aspects of setting up and getting familiar with AMS 2, RWB is hosting an 'orientation' evening. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the game, how to set it up or how certain things function (Pit stops for instance).. Then there will be people on hand that can point you in the right direction. The evening is also aimed at encouraging anyone who is 'on the fence' either about the game, or participating in online races as a whole. RWB is the very antithesis of the likes of iRacing, LFM or any other such 'organised' place to race, as it promotes a community atmosphere where all abilities are welcome to race, provided they can race cleanly and considerately. So come along, have some fun and meet some like minded individuals who are willing to share their knowledge and insights to help make your sim-racing career even better!
See discord for more information

Additional Info, Rules and Regulations
  • Server start: 20:00 UK Time

  • Race Format: 20 Min Practice - 10 Min Qualy - 10 Min Race

  • In-Game Race Start time: 2pm

  • Weather: Clear

  • Setups: Open

SimEventTrackIn-game Time & WeatherServer / Session Start InfoDurationTime until
AMS2Round 1Various14:00☀️Thursday 11th July
Practice Starts: 20:00 BST (19:00 UTC)
Qualifying Starts: 20:20 BST (19:20 UTC)
Race Starts: 20:30 BST (19:30 UTC)


Any ambient temps shown are not the expected ambient temp during the race, but the average ambient temperature of the entire race weekend, likewise, weather may vary.

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