RST Competizione - GT3 Team league powered by RWB

Han and Chewie, Tango and Cash, Holmes and Watson, Mario and Luigi... everything is better with a buddy! The RST Competizione series is all about teamwork - as we invite teams of two to compete over six weeks at a great selection of ACC tracks. Clever strategies and slick pitstops will be crucial here, as the duos battle it out for two hour races in GT3 class cars.
Sign ups closed on Fri 7th May, 17:30 BST

Additional Info, Rules and Regulations
  • Qualifying: Mid-week on the RWB qualifying server, fastest lap will denote your grid place
  • Team size: 2 drivers
  • Race start: 9pm BST
  • Race duration: 120 mins
  • Max stint time: 45mins
  • Pit rules: Two mandatory pitstops for fuel (no mandatory tyre change)
  • Comms rules: One team driver must be in race comms voice channel during the race. You may want to set up a separate voice comms to communicate with your team mate.

There will be one drop round in the series.


Driver Swap Guide - PDF

SimEventTrackIn-game Time & WeatherServer OpensPracticeQualifyRaceTime until
Round 1Barcelona 20209Variable24°CSat 8th May, 20:00 BST01h 05m0m02h 00mFinished
Round 2Zandvoort 202012Variable15°CSat 15th May, 20:00 BST01h 05m0m02h 00m
Round 3Imola 202015Variable21°CSat 22nd May, 20:00 BST01h 05m0m02h 00m
Round 4Donington 201918Variable16°CSat 29th May, 20:00 BST01h 05m0m02h 00m
Round 5Monza 202021Variable20°CSat 5th Jun, 20:00 BST01h 05m0m02h 00m
Round 6Nurburgring 202000Variable15°CSat 12th Jun, 20:00 BST01h 05m0m02h 00m

You can specify your timezone via Your profile to see event times / countdowns in your local time, you are currently set to
Any ambient temps shown are not the expected ambient temp during the race, but the average ambient temperature of the entire race weekend, likewise, weather may vary.

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