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RWB Endurance - Sebring 8 hr

The RWB Endurance Series crosses the Atlantic, landing in sunny Florida as we visit one of America's oldest and most famous tracks - Sebring International Raceway! Teams of 2 - 4 will be racing in GTE and LMP2 class cars for 8 hours; endurance is truly the key here, as the cars and drivers will be worked hard by all the lumps and bumps of this former airbase! YouTube: Link

Additional Info, Rules and Regulations

Entry requirements

  • Team size: 2 to 4
  • Track DLC required: Sebring International Raceway available as standalone track or in a track pack.
  • Car DLC required: Endurance Bundle (Oreca 07 LMP2, Aston Martin Vantage GTE, BMW M8 GTE, Corvette C7.R, Porsche 911 RSR)
  • Custom liveries: NOT supported for this race
  • Please assign yourself a unique race number from one of the in-game liveries during registration

Race Information

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Maximum stint time: No restriction, but each driver must complete at least one stint
  • Communications: All teams must have at least one person in Race Comms (PTT) voice channel for the race, however we recommend using a separate voice comms service (e.g. Steam, Teamspeak, Guilded ect) for communication with your team mates.

Schedule for race day, October 9th

  • 3:20PM BST: Qualifying (30 mins)
  • 3:50PM BST: Race briefing and warm-up
  • 4:00PM BST: Race starts (8 hours)

Assists and sim parameters

  • ABS/TC allowed TC 3 / ABS 1
  • Rolling Start
  • Fuel - Normal
  • Flags - Black Only
  • Tyres - Normal
  • Mech Failures - Normal
  • Damage Multi - 25%
  • Auto pit/clutch - allowed
  • Natural Track Progression through sessions
SimEventTrackServer OpensPracticeQualifyRaceTime until
Round 1SebringSaturday 9th October
15:00 BST (14:00 UTC)
0m30m08h 00m

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