This event / series is now finished TT Challenge

RWB presents TT Challenge........ It will be a particular car and track combo with it either being a hotlap or a hotstint. There will be 3 TT challenges across the month, usually running from a Monday to a Sunday.
Sign ups closed on Tue 30th Nov, 23:59 GMT

Additional Info, Rules and Regulations

Hotlap (HL)

Your fastest lap counts

Hotstint (HS)

Hotstint is 5 consecutive valid laps


Server Open from / Open too Hotlap or Hotstint
November 8th, 00:01 - November 14th, 23:59 HL
November 15th, 00:01 - November 21st, 23:59 HL
November 22nd, 00:01 - November 28th, 23:59 HS

All times are in GMT

SimEventVehicleTrackServer OpensPracticeQualifyRaceTime until
Round 1Jaguar G3Mount panoramaSunday 14th November
23:59 GMT (23:59 UTC)
Round 2Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2018ImolaSunday 21st November
23:59 GMT (23:59 UTC)
Round 3Lexus RC F GT3ZolderSunday 28th November
23:59 GMT (23:59 UTC)

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